Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two seconds

I want to see my future : two seconds would be enough, just to make sure you're not going to leave me . . . Ever. Two seconds would be enough, those two seconds of heaven. See you lying down with me in our bed, in quiet, look into your eyes. They will be so different, but still will be the eyes ones I fell in love with. They will be the same color, but when I look into them I will still see the years you've been with me. Your love. I think I will be even able to count how long we've been together, just by one look into your eyes . . . Two seconds would be enough . . . And just before going back to the present, I want to hear a tiny baby cry. Our baby . . . I just want to feel how it is to realize that you're not my boyfriend anymore, I want to feel how it is to have a family with you. I don't want to see the baby, I know already it's the most beautiful baby in the whole world . . . And I don't even want to see if it's a boy or a girl, because I know, even now, you want it to be a surprise. And I will not ruin your surprise . . . Two seconds would be enough.
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SaraLouise said...

Just found your blog , will def be back.
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Marylynn said...

that is so cute. two seconds would be just enough.